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Welcome to Birdsong Blooms - Growing organic, local specialty cut flowers in the American Heartland

"The earth laughs in flowers."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Our small farm is nestled on the banks of the Missouri River in the historic district of the First City in Kansas.

Steeped in beauty, we specialize in seasonal flowers cared for using simple organic farming principles. Brought to you on the North Esplanade in Leavenworth, KS, idyllically situated adjacent to the first public park in our beloved state, we invite you to savor the bounty our gardens grow.

So much of the beauty of our history is rooted in the ground among these timeless floral treasures. As flower farmers, we seek to gather and preserve both Midwestern native and heirloom specialty varieties to build ecological integrity and for community enjoyment and revitalization.

At the heart of our mission, is the story, your story. The memory of days gone by and the lives touched in special moments through the language of flowers. Do you remember your first flower? Does the memory take you back to a moment in summer or a special day spent with a loved one? Our fields are filled with the blooms that share a long history in our collective lives and has a place today in floral design.

We also seek to re-establish the link that for many years was shared between the local farmer, their community and the floral industry. At Birdsong Blooms, we bring you the freshest of the best designer blooms, many of which are not available commercially, through wholesale vendors.

Purchasing local cut flowers significantly reduces the enormous environmental cost we have paid for decades to import stems from Ecuador and throughout Europe. Even at their best, an imported stem has been harvested, processed, sprayed with an arsenal of pesticides required for entry into our country, and without water for 7-10 days before it ever reaches you! We can do better than this for you.

Harvested on a Wednesday, placed directly into crisp clean water, and delivered straight to our floral partners Thursday morning. This ensures that your bouquets are simply the longest lasting that they possibly can be. No pesticides, not plastic waste, no excessive travel requirements. Located 40 minutes from downtown Kansas City, we have the ability to meet your weekly and special event needs in real time.

Our open fields are at the mercy of our Kansas climate, but we are diligent in our craft to grow in grace, ephemeral beauties that are expressive, original and timeless. To elevate your floral artistry to a level that connects us to the story and reflects your customer's vision. Growing through the three seasons, our palette reflects today's current trends, customer favorites and unique heirloom varieties that deserve to be carried forward into modern design.

We offer wholesale accounts along with retail bouquets and custom arrangements through special orders only. We encourage our retail customers to support local florists that have graciously partnered with us to bring you the best in local flowers from our farm. Does your local florist carry Birdsong Blooms? If not, please help us carry our mission forward by connecting us at

Join our email list to be the first in the know. Over the winter, we will be highlighting our Crop Preview and providing insider information to those you support the farm online.

Thank you for sharing in our story. We look forward to helping your business next season.

Best of the Season,

Birdsong Blooms



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