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Floral Trends 2023 with Birdsong Blooms

The Bounty Ahead " Uniqueness makes the day - romantic with opulent use of warm colored tones..."

Gregor Lersch & Alison Bradley

Floral Trends 2023

  • Wild love of dynamic, free form organic florals

  • Textural, earthy tones connecting us to mother nature's natural habitats

  • Ephemeral poetic florals revealing themes of softness, frosted and matte finishes, movement and transparency in their delicate nature

  • Vintage folklore floral shades with soft pops of vibrant colors which symbolize joy in collective memories and new beginnings

  • Solace through sustainability - embodied by the closer to home lifestyle through local cut flowers

  • Quintessentially romantic garden style weddings

We have increased production of your most favorite varieties! True to our mission to bring you expressive, timeless, original local blooms, we have introduced select new, hard to find varieties found exclusively at Birdsong Blooms. Together, we are honoring our heritage and liberating creativity through the power of local flowers.

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